About Us

Natural Earth Garden Designs is owned and operated by David Kramer. Even as a small child David had a strong connection with nature. Always outside, spending his summer’s collecting stones and creating rocks stacks on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, or helping to dig in the garden. As a teenager David began working as a landscaper. He began doing everything from maintaining lawns, running irrigation, planting and maintaining gardens, to constructing designs. He also spent several summers working on an organic farm. After graduating from high school David continued to work for another landscape designer, helping to install designs, as well as maintain a 25 acre estate. David began doing his own designs on the side as Natural Earth Garden Designs. He attended the Green School at UMASS Amherst and became a certified arborist. After a short time David set out on his own as Natural Earth Garden Designs and has been creating custom landscape designs for over 14 years.

David has a strong connection to nature as well as a deep passion for working with the earth. His love and passion for what he does is reflected in the designs that he creates. David works with the earth to create balance and flow throughout each design. Choosing to use organic materials and style, so that each design looks like it’s always been there, and that all gardens are safe for your family and the environment.

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